Monday, April 16, 2012

Another Pinterest inspiration

I made this for our family get together this weekend. It was funny though because I knew people wouldn't get it but would like it if they tried. So my husband who saw me make this puts it on the kid's plates thinking its a fruit salad for some reason and the kids aren't eating it because it's like the worse fruit salad in the world lol. I of course gave them crackers and they ate as the dip it's supposed to be after that everyone else did too.

Whatcha need:
8 oz cream cheese
16oz sour cream
package of bacon pieces
5-6 pickle spears
and half a package of Ranch


and that's it. Pretty simple, and now I have half this bowl left to eat...Next time I'll label it "It won't bite you, grab some chips or crackers and enjoy" so that people will eat it while they're eating their meal not just snack on it while everyone's cleaning up.

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