Saturday, August 18, 2012

National Lampoons got it wrong

Thursday we flew out of Grand Island and flew to Vegas for a few days with a wonderful group of friends. We pretty much expected it to be an expensive trip and never intended to gamble too much, which I stayed under $20, Josh was about $50, not bad at all. Anyhow, when you picture Vegas you can only picture it the way you see it on tv, I usually picture the way National Lampoons showed it, it is so not that way. First of all, you don't have camera crews to clear the crowds of people out of your way so you have to shuffle through all the weirdos, the smellies, the overly dressed, and the kids...yes the kids!! Who brings their toddlers to Vegas?! Second, there was maybe 2 cars even worth gambling for. I mean a car is a car I know, but even the cars I consider worthy of my money were Mustangs, no Corvettes or drop tops of any sort. Then there's the drinks, umm I gambled and NEVER got a drink!! Never!! I paid for each an every $6 beer until the last night when the bar was serving $3 drinks, I can handle that. Fortunately they have these nifty joints throughout the city in which you can refill your cup with delicious icy alcoholic drinks,$9 for 32oz, again not bad! Although I recommend a mug or cup, not one of those long skinny drinks with a straw. A)there's no lid, b)its kind of a hassle to walk around with, and c) it's not likely you'll bring it home. I like souvenirs so I spent the few extra dollars to have a neat little car mug I could take home.



Ok let's talk location. We stayed at the Stratosphere. I was pretty impressed. Plenty to do, lots of shops and dinning, and plenty of gambling as well. Plus the rooms were nice. We were on a non-smoking floor but I'm pretty sure there was someone smoking near us as I could smell it every now and again. Now if you have no other plans, stay there, however if you want to walk the strip...dont!! Sure there's the tram but you have to walk a mile to get there, not bad if you go in the morning, but once you've walked the strip all day you'll dread walking back to the hotel. However hanging out in the salt water pool the next day totally makes up for it, there's a bar, cute little waitresses passing out sample shots, floaties, volleyball net in the water, cabanas, and more. Oh and sun, there's plenty of sun, I got quite red the 2 hours I was outside Saturday afternoon. I'd definitely stay again if I didn't intend to go anywhere else.



All in all, I think we had a pretty good time. It was nice to get away from the kids for awhile and do adult things, drink all day, and not have to change ANY diapers. Josh did piss me off one morning over breakfast but I was over it after swimming for a little while. But if you want to have a lot of fun make sure you bring a lot of money. My biggest regret was not saving enough to see shows or go gambling. And take friends that like to have the same kind of fun you do. We had a pretty great bunch with us this trip and I'd totally go again with them. So thanks Johnson and Gowin's families for being an amazing bunch!! 

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