Friday, August 3, 2012

Grocery shopping plan!!

I'm so sick of going to the grocery store, absolutely sick of it. Every week we go multiple times, usually i forget something or I just don't take the time to figure out what I need before going so right now I'm making a huge list, huge!! of things we don't have, are almost out of, meals to eat, things that I can reuse and for what meals (flour, sugar, etc), how many of each I need for the month, and what I have in coupons so I can save a little money. I just printed off $22 in savings, that's not a whole lot when it comes to a family of 4 but we need to start somewhere! I don't have time to sift through sale ads and see who has what for the cheapest (if anyone wants to do it for me, please, be my guest). I also don't want to go to 5 different stores so I have my one stop shop, Wally World, down the street. It has better prices than most place I go to, although Baker's does have a shoppers card I get confused in that store and they don't carry everything I want/need. Anyhow, here's the sources I've been using for coupons...actually, here's my pin from pinterest of sources that I use for coupons :) lots and lots and lots of places to go.LOTS!!!

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