Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Eating healthy?!

I really struggle with weight, not maintaining it, I can maintain my semi unhealthy status all on my own, but losing it is a struggle. I literally have to work out every day for 45 minutes a day, eat 1200 calories or less and absolutely no sugar for a week just to lose a couple lbs. sounds ok for a single person who doesn't have 4 children and a husband a long with an endless list of chores. So this week I've decided to change eating habits. Not dieting because clearly I can't stick to that. And I know its not a miracle weight loss solution, that's not what I'm looking for though. I'm just wanting to eat better. So for lunches I'm eating what the kids eat, minus the chips, this includes a simple sandwich of ham and cheese, a little bit of mayo(because I can't eat a dry sandwich), pb&j, etc. today is a chicken strip on top of salad greens and a tsp of ranch. Yea...a tsp of ranch! Can I just say I hate salad? Lol seriously unless it's loaded with crap I can't stand it. But I'm bound to be healthy if not skinny so I grin and bare it. we'll see how this goes...earlier this week I was 189 and today I'm 187.6, so maybe it's working...maybe. Just gotta stick with it I suppose...

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