Friday, July 6, 2012


I seriously can't work out to Jillian Michaels anymore! She's beefing me up and I don't want to be beefed up!! And I honestly can't look at those other girls muscles anymore, or Jillian for that matter. So this week its pilates, oh my god how I love pilates. I love how tight everything feels when I'm done and my body aches a whole lot less. Who knew I had that kind of balance?! I don't have the flexibility to scissor kick with my knees not bent but I don't care, no one is watching. I love this video There's 3 ladies all doing different levels of exercises, you never have to do all of the same level of course which makes it even better. I was able to skip level 1, did mostly level 2s, and some level 3s (that chick has amazing flexibility!) and since each "routine" is only 10 minutes your 30 minute work out goes super fast. I don't think it burns a ton of calories but it does make you feel better for sure!

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