Sunday, July 1, 2012


Currently I live in Omaha, biggest city in Nebraska...impressive I I've been stuck in traffic that can make a 15 minute drive an hour and a half which SUCKS!!! But currently I'm stuck on the interstate for miles and guess what? NO CONSTRUCTION!!! Should've taken the back roads, buuuuttt the fact that the interstate id guaranteed to have open ga stations I told Josh to go that route...grr this is stupid! I swear the midwest is notorious for pointless cones and construction. We've actually been stuck in Tonkawa,OK because a cone punctured our gas tank. We ate gas station food in a roach infested motel with three kids and Spanish television for two days, just to find out there was a comfort inn on the other side of the interstate right next to the auto shop! ..worst vacation ever!!
This is not that kind of vacation thankfully and if we got stuck my mom could come get me. But seriously, one lane at 55mph with a screaming baby who hasn't napped all day?! Not the ideal two hour ride home. Did I mention I'm thirsty? But Whitney Houston is on the radio now so whatever. I cant wait to get home!!!!

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  1. the little stinker still hasnt slept??? o dear lord! Ive been there b4 but not with that long of a drive. Hope you all get home soon and thank you sooo much for the sandals, and scentsy bars. O and of course your awesome families presence for dinner and a little outside time. Love you all to pieces....even that Josh guy that hangs out with you all the time...