Friday, June 29, 2012

Dinner on the road

We don't travel a whole lot except to see family. My family lives an hour away and Josh's lives nearly 2 1/2 hours away. It's always been the thing to just stop at McDonald's or whatever on the way out of town for lunch or dinner. Now that I'm on a pretty strict diet I am trying to avoid stopping for anything, including kids foods. We've been planning this short little jaunt to Josh's dads house for really like a week and started my diet Wednesday so I kind of panicked when I started thinking "what am I supposed to eat?" I knew I was going to have to bring a few of my own foods to keep me on track, but knew if we stopped for kids stuff I was going to be too tempted to not eat what I brought along. So to the drawing bored I went (aka pinterest). There seemed to be few solutions but all seemed either expensive because I didn't have that stuff around the house or the revolved around sticking fast food in a convenient basket. I wanted healthy, and I wanted cheap!! I ended up just going to the store and just looking for something. Figured I'd end up with baggies or something and just pass them out. Get to the "food storage" isle and low and behold ziplock had 2 packs of sectioned reusable containers for a little over $2(still more than I wanted to pay but whatever). Then we grabbed some kid print paper cups, with lids and straws and some life waters to drink.
When I got home I set to work on making dinners since I had 2 hours before we left (if you know me this is pretty good timing). I just used what I had on hand, frozen pb&j(I cheated I know), wheat thin sticks, fruit/granola bars, celery, peanut butter, and a nut mix. Baby got bananas, wheat thins and nuts, he's picky and getting eye teeth right now so barely ate anything :(. However the kids love it and their only complaints were "are we there yet?!", which I'm used to by now. I'll upload more from my camera when we get back.

Oh and as for myself I brought thin bagel with a little cream cheese and Chobani yogurt.

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