Saturday, June 9, 2012

Too hot?!

It's the beginning of June and already well over 90. Im the biggest whiner when it comes to heat. I'm pale, don't tan, and rarely get burned because I don't go outside in the summer. This means play time for us is restricted to the pool or short park trips. So since the kids would be extremely bored of we didn't learning or workbook pages all the time we let them play video games. I know, I'm a horrible parent. But these aren't normal video games, and it's not vtech either. Instead they play MineCraft. It's basically a game where you "mine" items to make new ones. You mine wood, make a work bench, mine some more wood(cutting down trees) and make an ax, mine coal make a on and so on. On top of that it's like playing Legos. The kids build houses out of stone or wood, dig a whole surround it with a brick wall and fill it with water for a well....I mean these kids are in love with the game. They play it on easy so there's no bad things in the night, but if you're mom or dad playing you can set it on hard where there are monsters, zombies(creepers as they are called), and more lurking around at night or in the underground mines. It's actually just a game for my kids to use their imaginations and build whatever the want. My daughter loves building sky houses where you have to walk up thousands of stairs to get inside the actual house(she's 6 1/2), my son is one who likes to dig holes as deep as possible and find his way out (he's 5) but both love the game, and since it's free...Egh, why not?!

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