Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Worrying about the big stuff

I'm up way too late trying to figure out why I'm gaining weight and really stressing considering how hard I'm working out. I'm not changing my diet because a) I don't want to and b) if I do that for 30 days, once 30 day shred is done I'll eat a popsicle and blow up again. Besides that I don't eat bad, I do eat about 1500cal on a daily basis, sometimes more sometimes less so it's not a lot. Anyhow, doing research and seeing people are reducing their body fat percentage and not weight makes me feel good. I don't care about being skinny if I'm still fat. I've seen lots of people who are "skinny" but it's not muscle, when they sit down they are all chub, not the image I want for myself, hence the working out (chub and mommy belly is gross). An I know I have the biggest legs known to man, thoroughbreds would be jealous of the saddlebags lol. Seriously though I already had big legs, now they're big muscley legs, guess that's a good thing. And my arms, oh my arms. I already had broad shoulders, always have, now they have actual muscle in them (not bulky, that's not cute), no cap sleeves for me ever again. Blah, whatever. I'm gonna junk this stupid scale, it pisses me off. I have a couple tape measures and a calculator, I'm gonna concern myself with body fat percentage not BMI or weight because neither of those factors in your actual health.

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