Thursday, March 21, 2013

Yay! goodies

Last month's freebie spree has finally started to roll in!! I really need to do this more often, I love free stuff. I think hubby is annoyed by it all though because it's slowly piling up in a corner on the counter until I do something with it all.
Today however I was slightly annoyed because I opened a package from P&G which I'm pretty sure I signed up for a Tide Pods sample and got warning stickers to put over the top of the containers.  I don't have A container, let alone many containers to necessitate multiple warning stickers to keep kids out....I'll get a container when I get that sample and like the results of the darn soap!

On another note, earlier this week I received 2 types of safety latches from P&G which hubby rolled his eyes out saying I'd never install them. Watch what happens tomorrow dude!! WATCH!!

I also receive Centrum Flavor Burst samples and a $2 off coupon for more. I havent tried them yet me!! I'm a horrible vitamin taker, maybe these will change my mind?! maybe? (bsavings I think is where this one came from)

A couple weeks ago I believe is when I received 2 stay free pads, which I threw in my purse because lord knows trouble starts while you're out and about! and the same day I receive 2 samples of L'oreal Paris Color Vibrancy shampoo that went to my "soap drawer" (I'll have another post on that some other day) since I haven't colored my hair in awhile I thought it'd be a waste if I used it up. I'm trying to grow out the color some so I can lighten it up without it pulling too much red. I got these from liking their facebook page and clicking on one of the apps below the timeline photo.

And the most awesomely needed this month was the coupon for a free (up to $13.49) Shick Hydro Silk disposable razor!! I wish I could remember where I signed up for this one at because it's a heck of a deal, those razors are pricey!! So excited to use it! (and then tell ya all about it of course).

and that's it..for now. I'll list more as they come in and do little reviews on these that I have now once I get around to using them!

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