Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Open for Business

Last night after lots of debating, learning new tricks and tips to add to the arsenal of mental notes I already have in my "photography" brain folder, I decided to post an add on Craigslist advertising my photography business. I'm by no means a professional, I'm definitely still considering myself and amateur and just wanting to put my name out there. In less than 12 hours I got a phone call from a local golf course looking to use my work as an advertisement on their score cards. After a few phone calls to check out the legitimacy Josh and I decided this was a smart move. I will be placed as their featured photographer!! I'm pretty stoked and maybe they picked me because I'm new and they knew I'd jump on the opportunity to get my name out there...I dont know. But for $400 I kind of held back for a few hours. I wasn't sure this was worth the money, and still am not 100% sure, but they are currently advertising 40,000 golfers a year, 40,000x5 hours of golf=200,000 of advertising, I can deal with it. Best part is I can pay in payments!! I'm ecstatic and over joyed by the opportunity and the possibility that soon I'll have a decent amount of income coming in to my house. It'll be a lot of hard work, I realize this, but I'm ok with it. A job isn't supposed to be easy.
I've opened up a facebook page for my followers (the whole 6 of you right now) to follow if you'd like https://www.facebook.com/pages/Navillus-Photography/504492819596887?bookmark_t=page

I'm currently offering $50 mini sessions to start building a bigger portfolio. So its a great time to get a few new family portraits at a great price. You also get a cd with edited pics and copyright! Check it out, bring your friends!!

Below are some pictures I took using umbrella's and flash this weekend, courtesy of my mother and sister in laws who have been amazing in helping me with my journey into the photography world. I'm debating whether its worth buying them or just umbrella lights or a few soft boxes....oh decisions.

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