Friday, April 12, 2013

Fire Starter

To begin this blog I'd like you all to know that I am an amazing cook and I have no idea how this happened considering I followed direction so don't laugh!!!

So every day at noon The Chew comes on you've never watched the show you're missing out. They make some amazing foods, always have a great guest on the show, and can make me laugh, things I like in a cooking show :) Anyhow so Monday they had this amazing dish and just in watching the previews C said he wanted me to make it I finally picked up everything on Wednesday and told him I'd make it. So last night, after having to adjust because I don't own a dutch oven and didn't have white wine on hand (i used chicken broth), I got this baby in the oven and cooking. When all that was done I had to toast my coconut for the rice...TOAST my coconut, not scorch or fry, or start a fire with my coconut, TOAST!!!

Here's what happened. First I spread a thin layer of coconut on a small baking pan, turned the oven on broil, and popped it in there. The directions said for 3-5 minutes so I went about rinsing my rice with cold water like I should, when I turned around i could smell the burning, when I opened the stove flames evolved. Ya...flames. So many flames that the alarm on the oven went off notifying me of the said fire that I already knew was going on in my stove. I wish my phone hadn't died or I'd have at least gotten some pictures of the catastrophe. Josh ended up smothering it with another baking pan after a few minutes debating what to do since we may be the only family without an extinguisher, and all was well, but I avoided trying to toast it again and just threw the darn coconut into my rice as it was....sigh

In the end it was still pretty good. I would use wine next time because the broth ended up making it taste too chicken-y and I probably wont use the coconut milk again, the kids didn't like how sweet the rice was, actually I didn't either.

So there you have it, my first ever kitchen fire.

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  1. LOL! Every good cook needs a fire to keep your stories interesting! :)