Thursday, May 9, 2013

A&F says I'm fat

And I don't really care. This guy who looks like he was the creation of an elephant and pit bull really can't make me feel bad about myself and it's annoying how many people are effected by this. Here's the deal, work out,get fit, go wear his clothes if you want. It's not a surprise that they carry clothing meant for the perfect and the skinny so I don't see why his statement has anyone in an up roar.
I wear a Large shirt, I've even gone into the store because I had a gift certificate and bought a large jacket, that large was too small for my shoulders and I gave it to my more petite mom. I never went back assuming they cut their clothes differently. I didn't care for multiple reasons. One, they're priced outside my lower middle class income. Two, its not my style anyhow.

Abercrombie and Fitch is not the first company to refuse to sell bigger sizes, just the first to give such a blunt reason, however there's no hidden innuendo behind the other store's decisions in the matter. Heck Lane Bryant only carries plus sized clothes, can I cry now because I can't find a store that carries in-between fat and skinny clothes? And Victoria's Secret carries only women's underwear, why not men's too? Get over people. Go shop somewhere else, like you already do. The majority of the people complaining are over weight anyhow. As am I, but I work out 6 days a week to change that and I'm not sulking over a company's reason to not cater to my clothing size needs because they don't think I'd market their clothing well. To each his own. Hell even Mike Jefferies doesn't represent his own clothes well. Ugly people usually aren't popular either unless they have something other people want, like money....just sayin.

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