Thursday, June 6, 2013


I've been sooo busy lately I haven't had time to post anything. I was standing in my kitchen just now making dinner...specifically thinking I needed to blog again (you know, since she blogged the recipe...). so here I am. Kids are out of school now so I should have more time to blog. That makes no sense, I know. But for me it means I'm not on any kind of schedule so I can sit down at the computer while kids are playing and make a nice little post more often than I have been. Get it now? :)

If you know me, you know I've progressively gotten bigger since high school, even more so after kids, and even more so after my father died last September. I've been trying to get in a few work out a week just to make myself feel better I guess, but it wasn't getting me anywhere. I never eat a ton of junk food but I never eat really well either so in March, after many tears, I told my husband "Well I guess I Have to do Insanity in order to lose any weight!" kind of joking because Insanity straight up scared the hell out of me!! But he said he'd do it if I did. The fact that he's never wanted to work out with me in the past gave me the kick in the ass to do it. So the week before Easter we started it up. And I tell ya, I hated it for like 2 weeks straight, I was soooo sore all the time. (before pics below...hubby is gonna shoot me for posting his)

As you can see, I had a lot to change. Keep in mind I have had 4 kids so my belly is obviously not pretty lol.
We never did J's measurements, he didn't care to anyhow so whatever.
After one month, and many additional rest days (some out of just being too busy), we finally had a good flow going, not so sore anymore, and starting to see definite muscle definition through our arms and legs. My clothes fit better and I was down a pant size. The pics below are the first day of month 2 Insanity, J, being a guy, has more noticeable definition than me...wish girls didn't have to work so hard for good lookin bodies!!!

We Finally finished the program up at the end of May. It was probably the longest 2 months of my life!! seriously, I've never worked so hard ever...hell I never worked out other than doing some Zumba or pilates once in awhile, so this was a huge change. I also want to mention that we did not take any supplement, or drink Shakeology, etc. I'm sure if we did we'd notice a bigger change, but we did both change our eating habits quite drastically so that's helped. (side note, J  never tells me one short leg is riding up and the other isn't in pics...sigh)'s the last day pics. I weight 194.6 when I started and only lost 2lbs. buuuut Muscle is more dense than fat so I'll take it even though I still would like to lose pounds too. Josh on the other hand lost like 4 or 5lbs. (waaah!!).  the only thing I vise ably see a difference in is my arms. Now if I take a pic on my iphone...for whatever reason you can see more definition in my body overall, but not my nice $500 Nikon..sigh. 

So now we're working on Insanity Asylum's Vol. 1, which is sooo much more fun. Can't wait to post results!! 

*side note, I recently started the 24 day challenge with advocare and have lost another 4lbs. I also started a running program last night which I hope helps progress my results a little faster.

side by side comparisons

blah, so much bra strap fat in the first one!!!

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