Monday, July 1, 2013


Its been an incredibly stressful last couple of months, financially thinking we were ok and everything all at once happens. We've been fortunate enough to receive benefits form the state up until last month when they were sending everything to a non existent address so I wasn't updated on anything. When I finally do get updated and everything sent in for re-submission we are informed that we make too much money for assistance. We can survive of course but it means absolutely no free money, no buying kids toys, or random items we don't really need. I saw this coming, I really did just hoped it wouldn't be too soon. On top of needing to buy brand new tires because we have so little tread it's illegal and blew a hole in one tire last week...ya we need new ones! its been a rough time for sure!!
This month I'm going to Indiana for Scentsy convention, which has been paid for already so it's not like I can not go, I'd lose the money. But I still have to pay for part of the gas and be able to eat decently. When I get home I get to purchase plates for my car, being a huge SUV it's gonna be around $200...that I don't have. OY! Just can't win...ever.

Wish my 35,000 in school loans would've provided me with a career for my kids. But now they're trying to get rid of Medical Assistants all together so its a worthless degree to flipping awesome. Wish I would've seen this coming too. I pushed to graduate with honors and I did...for what reason? WAAAAH!!! crying mode here....

Anyhow, I'm back on the money saving bandwagon...I have to be. We'll never get out of this slump otherwise. I've spent three hours or more on my computer today looking for coupons, sales, samples, etc. Kids are incredibly bored because I'm not doing anything with them, and I have to get to the store soon to buy some dinner. Being broke bites!!! Hopefully I can get good at this money saving stuff and not have to worry about it too much. Just need a flippin financial miracle right now is all.

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