Monday, August 5, 2013


Well it's that time of year again where we move...its really starting to wear on me but we gotta go where we know we can save money. So small town Nebraska here I come. Part of me are really excited to move, I've lived in Lincoln about 90% off my life and honestly sick of it. Minus my mom and a few close friends I'm not missing out on much. I sit at home with 4 kids all day and don't do anything so living in a small town with nothing to do really isn't gonna be that big of a change for me.
Why are we moving? because Josh got an amazing new job at the Aurora Coop which will pay him more, as well as pay for his cell phone and our internet. Among other yearly perks and bonuses. Being the largest agricultural company in the state I guess they have the money to be able to do that.
Where are we moving? Fullerton, NE a town consisting of 1306 people...1312 when we move in. That's a huge leap from the 225,000+ population I currently live in. We'll have family there and Josh's dad bought the house next door. Which I'm hoping he will let us completely renovate and call home but that's kind of up in the air and Josh doesn't care for the layout, which isn't optimal but it has a lot of potential if you have the right mind set. Josh isn't one who can see outside the box unfortunately.
I think the kids are gonna love it though. With grandpa next door they have a pool and the four wheeler, grandpa has an air boat too so there's always gonna be something to do in the summer. In the winter they'll have tons of land to just run around on and do whatever kids like to do in  the snow. They'll also be going to a school with one classroom per grade, which is fine, I know especially Maddox will benefit from the smaller class setting and teacher to student ratio. I fear Teagan may end up bored though if they are teaching at the same level she was learn her in Lincoln. But I can't judge too much, they're a little more modern of a school then their current school is so I may be pleasantly surprised.

Anyhow, that's our life story. Moving our clothes and small things this weekend so we can get the kids prepped for the next school year which starts on the 15th, and Josh starts his new job the 12th. Fun times!

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