Thursday, September 5, 2013

My semi-organized life

Honestly I suck at being organized. I have tons of ambition and then I get suckered into FB news feeds (which can be super boring most days) or Pinterest, a life long addiction I think. On a good note, Pinterest does have a ton of organizing tips that I either a)plan to use in the future, b)have attempted to use and never followed through, or c) really do work out to my advantage. Currently I'm hunting down storage ideas because our new house literally has no closets worth storing anything in and it's driving me nutso!! Also, as we live in a super small town and the nearest Walmart or super center of any sort is 45-55 minutes away I have to plan meals for 2 weeks or more before going. I've always had a calendar available and a white board for weekly reminders but I came across this incredibly cute set on Pinterest, every month has a theme. I love it and it keeps things fresh and festive. Best part, it's free! Is she not awesome?!   I'm on the second month of using her printable's. She has tons of other cute festive/monthly printable's available too, which I look forward to using as the holidays come up. I've seen so many other bloggers and websites that have their own but I really like her styles. Just darling and I don't mind having them on display.

So the way I use these is pretty simple. The meal planner I literally spend hours planning meals, mostly because I get so sick of eating the same thing all the time, but then I also have to consider that not everyone likes the same things and we have picky eaters around here so I try not to have two meals in a row that not everyone will eat. This can be a very daunting task. Then on the side of that I have the shopping list. Granted I usually use a major shopping list like this (sideways sorry), to take the store for major shopping days. So the fridge list is generally used for items we run out of and will need replaced. Most things like milk or veggies are replaced at the local store weekly.
Includes Price matching that I find a (lists local store deals so you don't have to look for hours in the papers) 
 The Weekly Planner I use for reminders because for whatever reason it's easier for people to see a list of things to do than actually look at a calendar (these people include my one in only husband who needs multiple ways of telling him something is happening so he can't say he didn't know about it!) And the monthly planner is, well, a monthly planner. Permanently written on it are things that happen every month. This includes spelling tests and what days the kids have P.E. so they know what days they have to wear tennis shoes and what days flip-flops or dress shoes are ok to wear. And each month I go through the school calendar as well as my own personal scheduling book and write down things on the paper itself. If things come up I can easily add to the calendar because these are all in the plastic sleeves you can buy for like $1 to use in binders, and I tape them to the fridge. Makes it easy to switch out monthly printable's this way too. Also I keep Teagan's dance calendar and the school calendar behind the monthly so I always know where it is and can use it for the next month.

On a non schedule based organization topic I use a lot of flipping Thirty-one products in my house. I have a million totes I swear. But for my kitchen I have this family organizer which I love. Currently it's kind of a mess and doesn't match my kitchen at all, and actually won't match when I repaint either, but whatever lol. Each kid has a pocket for their school things, spelling lists, memos, weekly news,etc. Then one pocket is for bills, and then I have a few extra spaces for the kids who aren't in school yet. I have plans of organizing life enough to do activities with them a few days a week here shortly so they will get filled, but for now they're empty. The organizer is only $25. Seems pricey but Thirty-one makes quality products from a Christian based company, you can't go wrong with that! (I am in no way affiliated with the Thirty-one Company past or present, and am not in any way being asked or paid to say this, I truly love their products).
Oh ya, I have a cleaning list that I printed off from somewhere, I'm horrible at following it. Those marks are from 2 weeks ago lol. Anyhow, there's a glimpse of my semi-organized life. It's a work in progress but some day I'll have everything down.


  1. We don't even have kids yet and I already feel like I'm not organized enough. I think we just need a bigger house. Looks like you have an awesome system going!

    1. Ha, I think you just have too much crap for as small as your house is ;) It'd probably help if you had a basement though.