Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Maddox's surgery

Before, all he cares about in watching cartoons
My little monkey, thumbs up for all the Popsicle's and crackers you can eat!
A lot of people didn't know, but Maddox had surgery last Friday to fix and umbilical hernia that he'd had since he was itty bitty. Literally itty bitty, the kid spit up everything his first 12 months of life so he weighed next to nothing. The spit up and the constant crying had played a big roll in this hernia issue. And for years the pediatrician's have said "well if it's not gone by two" then "if its not gone by time he's in school" and so on until I put my foot down and his current pediatrician agreed it was time to take care of it. She was slightly worried that the closer of the two doctors in the area wouldn't do the surgery because it was small but he did. He said the fascia was tight so there wasn't any chance of it getting worse as he got older, however that also meant that it wasn't gonna get any better. Ultimately it was never gonna cause any long term effects but for peace of mind I didn't want him to get hurt playing football or landing on something wrong and damage the intestines that were sticking through the hole. That, to me, seems like something that would be way worse and more traumatizing than the minor surgery (that took like 25 minutes) it took to correct it. Currently hes doing good, and was actually up and moving around quite a bit the day of. 4 days later he's back in school (Labor Day weekend worked perfect, he had a few extra days if he needed it) and yesterday we were at the fair all day and he seemed to be doing great. I'm quite proud of my little guy. He's a tough cookie and even came out of anesthesia without any issues. The nurses were all quite surprised at his nonchalant attitude the whole time, and even happier that he didn't freak out when he woke up. He wasn't able to look at the incision for the first few days because that did freak him out a little, he just didn't want to see the blood, but now he's cool about it and happy to have a "normal" belly button for once. He's a great kid, proud to call him my son!


  1. I'm sure he's proud to have such an awesome Momma in his corner too!! :) Glad everything went well!

    1. Its definitely changed our relationship. We were once very close and then another baby came along and you know...things happen that way. It was nice to get away with my monkey man for a little while alone. Gave us a chance to rekindle our closeness.