Friday, September 13, 2013

TLC, pick me!!

I've been living on basic cable for the last year, and before that we didn't have anything. We lived on Netflix and movies, which I was ok with but missed a lot of shows that everyone was always talking about. And tons of "do you watch 'yada yada', oh wait, you don't have tv." oy, sounds like we were hillbillies, but really we are just on a budget lol.
Anyhow, I've finally got DVR! yay! and "on demand" which is next to awesome! I swear I went a week straight watching HGTV and when I was bored I started watching "Honey Boo-Boo" and "Cheer Perfection". Both are completely pointless shows but the entertainment factor is way up there. Especially "Honey boo-boo", lol, how can you not laugh at their ridiculousness. And I'm not criticizing them in anyway because they mean well, they're just...different. HAHA, the constant lack of class is ridiculous, but they all seem like very sweet people just trying to make it in life. And they're real, you can't make that kind of stuff up. A bunch of immature teenage daughters, a step-dad who just does what everyone wants, and mom who loves them all no matter what. It's cute and funny. BUUUUT what I'm really excited for is "Alaskan Women Looking for Love". NOT!! Why the hell are they making a show about this? Seriously, why? Every other channel has a show about match making, why does TLC need one too? Like seriously, they need to come to my house, we have way more entertainment value than that of a bunch of Alaskan's who can't just move away on their own and need TLC to do it for them. I mean in my house you've got 3 boys of different ages, one is a pain in the butt 2 year old, one is a timid 4 year old , and a 6 year old who is not only a clutz, but a whiney brat as well. Then you have a girl who's pretty flippin smart and knows it so she tries to rule the house and has quite the attitude. Next you have dad who's gone all day at work comes home and continues to make mom be mom because he either has other stuff to do or just doesn't care to fuss at the kids because he doesn't want to be the mean guy. And lastly, mom, me, supreme ruler of the house with one too many jobs, not enough sleep, and stressed out 90% of the time because I'm the only one who listens to myself. Did I mention we just moved to a super small town and there's notta to do and I live next to my in-laws in a house that needs a crap ton of work done to it before we can call it "home"? See, there you go TLC. Whole entire plot laid out for you.  I've been saying for years they need to come visit us, however I see the tabloids not liking me and I'm pretty sure I'll come across as another Kate Gosselin because I don't put up with the crap that most people let their kids get away with, and I don't let my husband get away with being half attentive either. Maybe this isn't such a good plot after all lol. Nevermind TLC, don't come hunt me down, aint nobody got time for that!

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  1. I think they should make a Sullivan Good Life show. :) You're a super-mom but I'm sure good parenting wouldn't be any fun. Keep on keepin on girl because you're doing a great job.