Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Busted Can of Biscuits...

No I mean canned biscuit donuts!!! If you don't know, I tend to be a bit overly nostalgic (like seriously I have things that were my great grandmas and display them! Lol) anyhow, I woke up this morning earlier than normal and laid in bed for quite awhile before little bit came and crawled in next to me. When he asked me to get up an make him breakfast I was hesitant because I haven't gone shopping and all there was was Cheerios which he has to be sick of! Then I remembered the can of biscuits in the fridge that I didn't have any real intention for so donuts it was! Now I tell you, if you tell a 3 yr old you are going to make him donuts he expects them to appear out of thin air, the patience to wait for them to fry does not exist at this point! Ha! Anyhow so I make them the way my Aunt Jeanie always did when we stayed at her house as kids, minus the fry daddy that I don't own simply because my life would become a fry fest if I did lol.
So if you've never made these here's the deal, get out your cast iron skillet (or fry daddy if you have one) and get that oil nice and hot. While that's going on open that lonely can of biscuits (the smaller ones work best and cook better in a skillet) and poke/tear holes in the center of the biscuits and prep a bowl of cinnamon/sugar (about 1/2 cup for a can). When the oil gets hot turn it down quite a bit for a minute or so and then place your bisquits in the oil (otherwise you cook the outside too quick and the inside is mushy) if you use a fry daddy I say keep it at a medium heat. If you use the grands biscuits try to flatten them before putting them in your skillet so they cook through. Flip them when you see brown coming up the edges. Remove and let sit on a couple paper towels to soak up some oil then toss in your cinnamon and sugar when they cool a bit. Voila! Finished! Everyone will love them and its like a $2 breakfast!

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