Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Only YOU Can Define Yourself

I'm gonna start this off talking about myself. After which I will rant about educating yourself before making some ridiculous comment about fitness.

About myself: I'm a quitter, I admit it. After 15 incredibly strong days of doing Asylum, including maxing myself out with a horrendous cold, I quit. And I'll tell you, it's not because of the difficulty, I thoroughly enjoyed that challenge, every day that I got to the end I applauded myself because that is an amazingly intense program! But it's also intense on my joints. Plyo is not for me, I have plantar's fascitis, so I can't wear shoes while I work out, really kills my feet, and being bare foot and not having that cushion however was really killing my ankles and knees, no matter how much "cushion" I gave myself for jumping. All of this ON TOP OF living on the second floor, and having to modify a lot, unable to land properly or jump as high, I just wasn't doing the program to the fullest and wasn't getting what I wanted out of it. I will say that I lost 2lbs and 1.5" in my waist in two weeks, not a huge amount, I wasn't eating the best, but it's something, and I'll take it. 
Right now I'm trying to decided if I want to spend the money on purchasing Hammer & Chisel, and signing up as a Beachbody Coach again. I figure I take enough photos of myself and talk about my journey that I might as well make some moola off of it ;) Until then, I'll continue doing the Challenge Du Jour on Beachbody on Demand. 

On to other people...IF you have made every excuse in the world to NOT get off of your butt, get up and do 10 jumping jacks, 10 squats, 10 forward lunges on each leg, and 5 pushups. I don't care how long that takes you, just do it because I'm not letting you make any more excuses today! ESPECIALLY if those excuses are about genetics. Genetics don't define you anymore than the scale defines me. Here's what I have for genetics: In my dad's family every woman is obese, every single one. If you are blood related and a woman in my family, genetics says you will be obese. Doesn't mean I love them any less, or judge them by any means of course, but genetics DON'T define me. I could sit around and let that so called gene take over my life, but I don't, can't, WON'T.  At the same time, my mom's father was obese when he died, and was always "big boned" for the 21 years I knew him.  While I do have his big thighs, I won't let being genetically disposed to such things bring me down. What I will do is work with it. If you're predisposed to being overweight or "big boned" (which is not a real thing by the way) work with what your momma gave ya! Skinny? Eat more and lift weights. You'll probably always be thin, but muscle is going to look good on you. "Big boned", stocky? Genetics WILL shape your bone structure, if you have broad shoulders, wide hips, etc, that is genetics, but being FAT is not. You can however burn off the fan and add some lean muscle so that your body is strong enough to maintain the bone structure you were given and you'll look amazing even if you're not a size 2.
There's not a person in the world who doesn't want to change themselves. The people who say they don't are lying. If you wake up every day and put make up on, you want to change yourself. If you wake up and stand on a scale, you want to change yourself. If you go shopping for a new wardrobe, YOU WANT TO CHANGE YOURSELF. Every body has something they want changed, and most of us change the easy things first. But if you want to change your body composition you will have to WORK for it. Diet pills, shakes, etc, those only truly work once you've put the effort in to keep the weight off. Anyone can lose weight replacing 400cal meals with 100cal shakes, but once you've gotten down to your ideal weight how do you plan to keep it off? You'll either workout(should've done that to begin with), you'll gain it all back because you started eating again, or you'll continue to buy into these gimics and waste money on trying to maintain an actually unhealthy lifestyle, aka starvation.
Stop finding a reason to not work out, even if its just the little set I put up above, moving yourself is better than vegging out in front of the tv. You have the time, the tv will always be there, DVR exists, Netflix exists, you will always have time, you just have to interrupt your lazy mindset for a few minutes to half an hour a day, and get it done. HALF an hour out of 24! I work a full time job, come home to cook dinner for 6, do homework with kids, and workout. I still end up with a few hours to myself to catch up on Netflix. You have time, just get it done.

You are the only person who can define yourself. Your genetic make up means nothing other than the structure your body will take on once you start taking care of it. You're not destined to be overweight unless that's the life you live. And you're not destined to remain skinny, unless that's what you want to be. We create our own lives, no one else does. 

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