Saturday, January 9, 2016

Week 1 of Insanity: The Asylum

Well I've officially made it to day 7 with only taking scheduled breaks. There's been quite a few days this last week in which I've attempted to make up some excuse to not work out, I always do. I haven't though, I've come home from work and started dinner and either worked out while it was cooking or waited until we were done eating to workout (huge mistake if you have reflux like I do). There's still a lot of modifying on my end, partly due to living on the second floor and not being able to do a lot of the vertical plyo moves, partly because I simply don't have that kind of endurance yet...all in good time I suppose.
I've set a couple of goals for myself this week, one being working out per the schedule and two being to only step on the scale once a week. I put it away and looked at it many times over the last few days because I've relied on the number so much in the last year that it's gonna be a hard habit to break. But I dragged it out this morning and I'm only down 1 lb, in the past I'd have sat here and been frustrated because all of the work I've put in this week has only moved that scale one measly pound, so I grabbed the measuring tape and wrapped it around my waist (I always measure right at my belly button fyi) and it was down 1.25 inches! that's huge! That means that my efforts this week were not wasted, my body is changing despite the gravitational pull, and I need to continue to trust the process. I'm one of those people who can easily gain muscle, generally the only way I actually lose significant amounts of weight is when I don't workout and just eat low calories, which I HATE! I like food too much to watch my calories and how much I'm eating. I'd much prefer to lose weight slowly, be able to eat, and feel better physically because my muscles are strong enough to support me during every day activities. Another benefit of this week's continual workouts/follow the schedule, is I'm happy. There are days when I'm frustrated with work, the kids, the husband, etc, but working out is the biggest therapy! I can't tell you how much better I feel once I've worked out my frustration(literally) and yelled at ShaunT a few times in 45-50 minutes, seriously! (and sorry ShaunT)
If you've read this post I want you to walk away with two things in your mind, ONE: Don't rely on that scale, if you MUST stand on it, schedule a date in which you do, even if it moves half a pound, its still progress. When you stand on it multiple times a week your weight is going to change, its gonna go up and down depending on water intake, your last bowl movement, and even weather.  TWO: Get it done, you're going to show up every day because your brain tells you it need to, your body is going to ache and hurt and tell you "NO MORE!!" but if you want to make changes to yourself the only way that will happen is if you follow what your head says you want.

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