Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Long Time No Blog

As I sat at work today, watching the hours slowly widdle away, I realized it's been a year since the last time I blogged anything. This in turn has lead to me not being able to express anything other than through Facebook, and I'm so over that! Anyhow, for my first post of 2016 I figured I'd lay tribute to the year before, a little recap shall we say...

 The beginning of the year was quite uneventful and i just lived day to day, picking up photoshoots (quite a few babies, including a hospital birth), and going about my normal mom duties. In March the car decided to nearly blow up, forcing us to trade it in before it was paid off and purchasing another used vehicle, nearly doubling payments, fun times...Luck turned and I started working again, actually working with Josh as a receptionist for the company. Its a pretty simple job but it definitely helps to have it and finally contribute to the house despite paying for daycare. And I'm still able to pick up a photoshoot here and there while working full time. I've lost a bit of focus on the photo business, which is totally over populated anyways so I'm not too upset. Teagan ended up running the Mayor's Run last spring as well and finished in less than 8min! The summer was spent working so that was hard for me, I kept dreaming of days lounging around with the kids vs. sitting in an office and missing the hours home with the older kids (E being at daycare).

But I survived and I lived for the long weekends, including spending a whole weekend with just Teagan back in Fullerton, dragging along her best friend to spend the weekend getting sunburnt on the air boat. Josh fell and nearly broke a foot on 4th of July out at his uncle's cabin, we rushed 40min away to the hospital and it turned out to be just a severe sprain, 2 weeks of him being helpless and on crutches, me doing double parent duty of course. It wasn't easy, glad it wasn't an actually break!                  Then school came around again, Teagan 4th, Maddox 3rd, and Cohen 1st grade. Teagan lucked out and got the same awesome teacher she had last year and she started playing Cello with her great aunt Jeanni being her music teacher. She's pretty flipping good at it too! We spent Halloween back in Fullerton, seemed to us that it was the safest and funnest place would could  be and the in-laws were leaving a couple weeks from then so we wanted to spend some time with them before they went to the Philippines for a few months. For Thanksgiving the kids and I went to Texas to visit my grandma. I endured hours of car sick kids, two bouts of Eyan puking on himself, resulting in cleaning the car seat inside and out once I finally arrived that evening, and then it rained the entire time I was there. Probably the worst trip I've ever taken but the time with my grandma was well worth it. We got to Christmas, pretty uneventful, other than the work Christmas party, which was a blast, the people we work with are just awesome. And then New Year's day was spent at home with the kids. We watched movies and binged on Netflix after the tree was down and the Christmas decor was put away.

And there we have it, my pretty uninteresting 2015, here's too keeping up with the blog long enough to actually remember the events of 2016!

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