Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Small town living-2months

Well life is certainly different here in Fullerton compared to living in Lincoln or Omaha. Being a "city girl" there's a lot of things that are hard to get used to but for the most part I'm actually happy to live here. It's so incredibly quiet and I never spend money because I don't have anywhere to go! lol I mean we do have a grocery store, but it closes at 6 as do most places other than the bar or Subway. But then again that is it's downside, there's nothing open, no where to go shopping unless I want to drive an hour to get there. Some days it stresses me out, like the other night when I had a horrible stomach ache and desperately needed some Tums and nothing was open to get some so I cried myself to sleep. Bleh, no more Pizza Hut for me I guess. (Oh ya, we can get Pizza Hut but it's still 20 minutes away).
Anyhow I decided to compile a list of things I'd like to call ....

You know you live in a small town when:
1. The high school parking lot is full of dirty pickup trucks.
2. You have to stop yourself from waving while driving at everyone when you go to the city or you look like a freak.
3. You drive with at least one hand on the top of the steering wheel so you don't look like a jerk because you cant get a wave in fast enough.
4. You leave you house unlocked pretty much every time you leave unless you plan to be gone all day.
5. Your groceries get carried out to the car while you pay for them.
6. You can get groceries on credit!
7. Pay day is the only day you go to the store because the cost of gas doesn't make it worth it to go any other time of the week.
8. You have to ask around for things like "where can my kid go to dance? is there a place for karate? when do sports start?" because there ISNT places like that. You have to go to the town 20 minutes away that has a population of 300 more than yours does.
9. Families walk in clans. As in there are 5 families around here directly related to mine and I live right next door to my father in law and his wife. In some ways it's weird to show up places and all sit in our group, but in the other its nice because you're automatically accepted as part of the town.
10. My kids have 2 cousin's in school with them, and a handful of "step-cousins" as well.  Next year my older boys will both have a cousin in their classes. Why? because there is only one class per grade!
11. Speaking of school, when I was in high school there were not AG classes available. You did not take crop science classes or learn how to raise cattle. Nor did you aspire to do any of these things.

Im gonna have a lot more coming up so stay tuned. This small town weirdness is only 2 months in, I'm sure I'm in for a lot more!


  1. You'll love it. And ag classes are the reason my kiddos won't attend Dorchester, too small and they're not offered. Don't judge :P

    1. Lol. On the other hand, bigger schools offer 3xs as many electives for those who don't want to be farmers. The kids here are pretty limited.