Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Finished my second Beachbody Workout a couple of weeks ago!! T25 is definitely my kind of work out. It's tough, it builds muscle, has cardio, and it's short! Seriously, 25 minutes! Granted its non-stop, literally, ShaunT never ever says "go get a drink". Insanity, as hard as it is, there were all kind of breaks and people dying out. Not T25. Its tough, not Insanity tough, but it's tough. And I've definitely built my stamina up and have developed a lot of muscle definition. I kind of quit weighing myself though because it just frustrates me to not see the scale move despite smaller measurements and I end up just crying about it even though it doesn't matter.
So here's my results: Starting weight: 187.5 waist:32.5   hips:37  arms: 12.5  thighs: 20.5  calves:15.5 chest: 35"


 Final results: I haven't actually weighed myself since my mental break down around week 3 of Beta because J threw out my scale lol. so ending weight: 181.5" waist 31" hips:35.5" arms:11 3/4" thighs(I have 2 measurements here because I realized I was measuring in the wrong spot to begin with):19 and 22.5 calves: 14 3/4" chest 32"

SEE!!! I have abs now!! and my legs don't touch as much. I've never had "the gap" but hope to see it soon! My legs have ALWAYS been my least favorite part. I still look in the mirror and have a really hard time seeing any changes, but I suppose thats the way it is for everyone. I keep telling myself that eventually I won't be upset with how I look, but I don't know if there's any woman out there who is completely happy with herself. If there is, well then...more power to her lol.
Anyhow, there's results for the first round of t25, just started my second round which is obviously a crap ton easier. I can't wait to see my results in two months. Now I'm off to go apply for my tshirt (and maybe some money :))

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