Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Baby legs!

Im a huge fan of baby legs. They keep legs warm and feet free for new walkers. They also make it soooo much easier for changing diapers, one less article of clothing to take off and put back on a squirmy baby. Did I mention they're cute and your husband will take them off as soon as you aren't looking because his son is wearing "tights"? Lol it will be a constant battle until I'm ready to give them up...he'll be five(not really).
Anyhow here's how to make them for $2.50(less if you find socks on super sale).

You need:
Knee high socks(shorter if making for an itty bitty baby)
A sewing machine with an overlock stitch or a serger(you can use a zigzag but it doesn't come out as nice if you ask me)
And a pair of scissors

Cut bottom of sock off right above the heel. Then cut the middle of the foot off. *2

Take middle of foot and fold one side into the other so you have the makings of a cuff (I sewed before taking picture).

Take cuff and slide over the bottom of the long part of your sock. And pin well to avoid slipping. Then serge/sew edges together. *4 and 1

You'll then flip the cuff over and VOILA. It took me a few tries to figure out how to make a good cuff and someone told me to do it this way which looks the best and is easy. Takes 10minutes max! Have fun!*3

*My pictures are in the completely wrong order thanks to doing this from my phone soooo it should go in this order 2,4,1,3.

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