Saturday, March 17, 2012

Epically fail as a mom...

St. Patrick's day!!! Yay!!!! Finally got to go out with my husband since I turned 21 in 2005!!! Great time, I mean minus being the ONLY girl, but still fun. Anyhow we left around midnight, picked up the kids, and came home. I'm in heels, have a sleeping 3 year old and need to carry him to our apartment, buildings down, which wouldn't be bad except the fact that our parking lot is uneven and full of cracks and pot holes. Anyhow I fell and totally didn't prevent my kid from hitting the ground with me. By man I tried my hands at scratched to all hell to prove it. Pretty sure my knee is not only going to have a bruise but also look like ive been crawling on carpet all day, and I'm pretty sure I sprang my foot. Did I mention despite hear enjuries my poor bubba hit the ground. I just feel horrible and know that the apartment won't do anything about it. 6 parking spots for 12 homes in the building and 10 visitor spots for 3-4 buildings... Fantastic planning!!!

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