Sunday, March 11, 2012

New store opening!!

Well after months of attempting to sell on Etsy, nothing seems to move. The market is almost too large and there are too many similar items from people who have been selling on there for a long time. So I went to Storenvy, where a) the market is small, b)I don't have to pay them to sell my things, and c) I get an actual store front. There's other markets out there, ie. HyenaCart, but still I need to spend money to sell anything which is ridiculous if you ask me. Storenvy is easy to navigate and easy to use. I list, I sell (hopefully). I can't wait to get a few photos from the props I've sent out to local photographers to make my products a little more well known and to just get some good photos, seeing as I no longer have a newborn in the house, I needed to extend myself to people who frequently have newborns.

Anyhow, here's my store : Check it out, share it with your friends :)


  1. When I have babies of course you'll be my go to gal when it comes to cute items for my twins! ;) Congrats, you need to add your link to this post so we can go directly to it and see your stuff!

    1. oh I replied, it's underneath lol

    2. and added link on right side of page ;)

  2. look again chica, it's there ;)
    I'm going to add a little sign so it's always available from here though and people don't have to search for the blog to find it.