Saturday, March 10, 2012

iPhone blogging! Woot!

Ha, really this post is going to be short and sweet. It's exactly 3am and I decided it'd be awesome if I didn't need to blog from my computer so I downloaded the FREE app and voila, here I be!

But to make it more interesting, I finally got a super tight French braid in my 6 year olds hair tonight. I think her hair is finally loosing the baby fine-ness and thickening up like her momma's.

It took a few YouTube videos and some help from hairdressing friends to get this perfect. Best tips: take the three sections (smaller the better)and cross them over a full braid "round". Then take the one strand and cross, after you cross, take another bit of hair from the same side and cross it as well. Always add to the outside pieces, I used to add to all three then braid another "round" which made it look really messy. Also make sure you are holding the hair close to the scalp, holding too far away yields a lose braid. And of course pull tight, even of little girls don't like it they quickly get over the pain when they see how cute they look :) so yea, there's my French braid. I used my daughters natural part since her hair was dry and she was going to bed anyhow, but obviously most people want a straight part.

Ok to bed I go...3:10! Good thing mr. Mom let's me sleep in on the weekends, such a good guy :)

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