Monday, January 21, 2013

Photo-blog post

Im sooooo sooo soo excited to finally have a new camera, an actual dslr and not a freakin Coolpix with no sort of manual settings. I ended up with a Nikon D3100, just because its ridiculous to spend $100 more just to have more megapixels that I don't currently really need. It probably makes it better that I've done the research and learned a ton of things before buying one otherwise I would be completely intimidated and only use the auto settings which work for some things sure but really knowing your manual settings will produce much better photos. For instance, when I do close ups of products for Navillus Creations ( I try to set it to A so that I can control the f-stop which will give me that blurred back groud/clear foreground look. However when I wanted to take pictures of the snow falling today I set it to S to control the shutter speed and actually catch some of the snow flakes falling in the photo (it took me a while to figure this out, if it says its to bright, it's too bright, it will NOT take a picture). On another note, I love taking pics of my kids. I use Microsoft Digital Image Suite 2006 (super old I know) because my uber awesome inlaws let me use their copy which they use in their own PRO-photography pictures. Id like to get Elements soon just because it has features the outdated program I have doesn't and some of the features work way better and take a lot less time. Anyhow, here's some recent pics I've taken and edited in the last couple days, yes they're of my kids, and I'm obsessed with them all :) Got Some of Teagan reading today which turned out super cute but have to edit it a little before posting. With luck I'll have a part time gig with photography by this summer. Have a family shoot in the works as soon as it gets a little warmer out for one of my oldest and best friends. And another next month for Navillus Creations because I desperately need images of photo props since no one ever returns images after I send them $40 in retail worth of items...GRRR!! But yea, we'll see, itd be nice just to start making a someone steady income in the near future.

He has underwear on his head and over his pants, thanks daddy.

you'd think he was stressed over coloring lol

no mommy, no I did not just steal more licorice.
Actually Teagan was twirling around in the background of this one, cant tell can ya?!

What Maddox does

this was a super dark photo so when I took the shadowing out it looked funny
I think the lower saturation made it turn out pretty well though :)

my love bug, he's so cute

this is the "I ate it, now what?!" look

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