Sunday, January 27, 2013

Big boy!!

I can't believe it's been almost 6 years since my oldest boy was born. By far the roughest pregnancy and the roughest first year I had to go through, but it was all worth it. During my pregnancy with him I worked like a dog as a manager in a maternity store (you'd think they'd give me a break considering the, on top of that I had this horrendous rash. After months of trying to figure it out my ob sent me to a dermatologist who said it was a pregnancy rash that would get worse with subsequent babies. I almost cried. This rash covered my arms and my entire torso, I'd wake up scratching myself and was often bleeding at that point. I was miserable!! However, thankfully the steroids my ob had given me decided to kick in before I purchased the expensive creams the pharmacy was ordering for me! And even more fortunate, I never got that rash again with the last to pregnancies, YAY!!! As for M's first year, the poor kid...he was so tiny. He was born 7lb 13oz and 2 weeks early for induction scheduled prior to my rash dissolving because we were all kind of worried this wouldn't go away until the rash was gone. Anyhow, healthy baby, completely healthy, great hair, perfect. Then we get home...within a week he was throwing up every drop of breast milk he took in. The pediatrician of course said it was normal and to just watch his weight. We watched it for a year and because he never dropped of the charts nothing was ever done. He was 3% for his weight most of that first year. Right around 11 months he finally quit throwing his food up, finally! and he got pretty dang chubby. Now he sits around 45-50% for his weight but he's rather short, which I blame for the lack of care he was given during that first year, I should've been more proactive, I blame myself for not seeking out another doctor....Anyhow, his birthday is next week on the 7th, I'm super excited for it, we're doing a Lego theme. He wanted the Hulk but Lego is something I can create myself for a little less I think :) Yesterday we went out while the weather was semi decent and took some pics. They turned out amazing of course, all thanks to my dslr and my awesome editing skills, seriously I'm getting pretty damned good at making my pictures go from nice to amazing if I do say so myself :). Here's a little collage I put together of the best ones.

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