Friday, February 1, 2013

Freebie Friday!!

Really I only titled it that because it just so happens its Friday, otherwise I'd totally have named it something less cheesy/mainstream/what everyone else would call it ;)
Anyhow, Ms. Kelsey at told me I was slacking in blogging, in a totally friendly way I'm sure. So to prove I'm not a slacker and instead of making hats like I should be for customers I'm gonna blog about my last 45 minutes. Which of course weren't that exciting other than knowing I will be getting free stuff in the mail in the next month or so. This free sample splurge started a month ago, somehow I came across, they're pretty awesome, they have lots of links for samples. Some are slightly annoying because they want you to fill out this and that, and this again. But for the most part its "please fill this out" and then "thank you, you should receive this product in .....weeks". I'm thankful for those ones. Also thankful for autofill to simplify things (thanks Google). Anyhow occasionally you run across links to other freebies sites such as which are organized according to product type making it easy for me to get what I'd actually use. Tonight I signed up for a lot of hair and body products, some laundry items, and I think some vitamins as well. I could probably do it all night long if I wanted but I have things I should be doing...oops. Oh another way to get freebies/samples, go to product fb pages, a lot of times they have links to their giveaways or even when you "like" the page you can apply for samples. Other pages have giveaways when you leave a short review. Pretty sweet deal for free stuff I think.
But, just so you know, so far I've received a free cookbook from Jiffy which was relatively thick and had quite a few recipes in it. Jiffy is super cheap so I use it frequently and will definitely find use in my little cookbook. And yesterday I received free samples of airborne as well as $1.50 off coupon. When I get more freebies/samples/coupons I'll try to update, as well as update when I find more sites to go to.

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  1. Looove it, and ironically, you stole your title from me so boo! No its ok, i like sharing! Theres a ton of freebie sites out there! Go dig through my blog at all the junk ive racked up. Kinda addicting. Thanks for finally posting again, ive missed you!