Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Snow Storm!!!

I'm actually semi-excited to see a downpour of snow over the next 24 hours. Most people aren't. Most people are mad they canceled school. Most people don't think it will snow that much. And Most people are idiots. Then you get those of us who PREP for the snow storm. Our main need was flashlights...just in case. We have one flash light and the ones on our phones, which if electricity goes out we don't have car charges so that won't do us any good after a day or so. The likely hood of no electricity is slim, but I've seen it happen due to snow and it sucked!! However, my kids will quickly learn what life without the Wii, Xbox, or Playstation is like. (spoiled brats!)

But back to the main subject. Here's how we prepped, because we're cool people who do that sort of thing. First we packed kiddos up and headed to Wally World, the store that has everything right seemed a legit place to be. Here's what we bought...

4 awesome glow stick/flashlights which are ultimately for the kids
Bread (which we were lucky there was any left, apparently everyone thinks its Armageddon)
Candy (lots of it because... well, lets face it, who knows when you'll need candy in your life)
Milk (@ 2.48 a gallon I might say)
Sunchips(@1.96 so we bought 4 bags :))
batteries (duh)
breaded greenbeans that you bake and are amazing and cheap (I think they are called crispers? frozen section, they're yummy but not enough in one box for our family)
peanut butter captain crunch (NECESSARY!)
Bubbles (for pinterest idea I'll post about)
and random other items I can't think of. But for the most part, nothing anyone really needs to be prepared for the storm....We do have quite a bit in the house as it is so I guess we didn't need to buy too much but our grocery list looks pretty pathetic to the outsider and I have to laugh at it. oooooh yea, and we bought beer. Leinenkugals Holiday something or another bundle. Beer is essential when stuck at home forever with 4 kids right?! of course it is!
Anyhow, if you'd like to have more ideas on how to prep for a storm...don't follow me, I'm terrible at it :)

I'm in Lincoln, Nebraska...right on the edge of that 10-12"/8-10" line. I don't doubt we'll see that much at all. The weather men aren't that far off!

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