Tuesday, February 12, 2013


When dieting its important to get the right balance of everything, fruits, proteins, veggies, some non fat dairy, yada yada...give me some chocolate! Sigh, really I need some chocolate right now, I hate dieting. So for now let's call it a lifestyle change. I am currently making a lifestyle change and consciously trying to change my horrible eating habits. I've gotten into a slump of eating things from a box and not things from the ground. It's cheaper that way, plain and simple. So while I'm still feeding my kids half box and half natural things I'm doing better myself by not eating more than 20% or so in processes foods. It's working, I did great last week but binged on my "free day" and have to start all over. Seriously, don't so this, it's discouraging and really sucks.
Ok back to my main point. I bought some Yoplait Greek the other day (I had a coupon so it was of course a good plan) thinking I like Yoplait so I'd probably like their Greek too. No, nope, nay, I say. It wasn't terrible per se but was far from good. Its like the added false sweeteners or something to it making it unbearable to eat. I may have eaten half before giving it to E because he'll eat anything. I think I'm gonna have to stick with Chobani, the more expensive option. Chobani has an ok texture (im a big texture freak) and definitely not artificially sweetened. Pineapple is my favorite :)

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