Thursday, February 21, 2013

Crochet 4 leaf clover

Excuse the rough draft and tell me if you need a better explanation. I just made this up after searching for a perfect clover that wasn't too big for what I want it for. These will make cute embellishments or you could connect multiple clovers for a cute St. Patty's Day garland.

Need a size h hook and worsted weight yarn.

Magic loop, ch.1 5hdc in loop join with slst.

Row2: chain 4, slst all in first hdc. Slst in next st, ch 4, slst in same stitch(repeat 2x), slst in next stitch,( ch8. 2sc in second chain from hook, 2sc in next chain, 1sc in next 5 chains), slst. Do not join.

Row 3: in loop formed by ch4 (2sc, hdc, 2dc,hdc,sc,hdc, 2dc,hdc, 2sc) repeat3x. slst to first sc in this row.

Finish off. Leave a tail if you plan to use as an embellishment.

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